Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Chapter A
McDonough, Georgia

Our Couple of the Year for 2018
Anita & Ken Maynard

Anita & Ken

Anita and I both went to Jonesboro High School in Georgia.  We did not know each other during that time; she was several years younger than me.  Since I worked every afternoon and Saturday's there wasn't time for much dating. After graduating from high school I went to Southern Tech in Chamblee GA.

One day I was visiting a school friend and he made the statement he was thinking of asking Anita Starr out on a date. I said, "Who is that?" He explained that she had been a cheerleader at Jonesboro High School.  I later got out my year book and found a picture of Anita. Seeing she was a beautiful young lady, and knowing that Larry would probably never ask her out, I called her and asked her for a date.  She didn't know who I was either, so she had look me up in her year book.

After she decided to go out with me I took her to a Christmas party from my work. That night I think I asked her for three more dates. I never dated much so I was not to sharp on being cool. We now have two beautiful daughters (who get their beauty from Anita) and two fine son-in-laws, with five grandchildren, and have been married for 57 years.

Later in life I had been jealous of my brother-in-law because he had a bike I and wanted one but Anita kept saying no. Finally, after being married to me for 53 years, said I could have a trike. I asked if she would ride it with me and she said yes, so I was on the internet and found my red Gold Wing Trike and trailer in 15 minutes. Kinda afraid she would change her mind.

Not having had experience in buying a bike or trike I went to Dallas Ga to see what the ad displayed as a good condition trike. I called the number to set up an appointment to see the trike. I asked if I could come see the trike on Sunday but it would need to be after church. He asked if I was a believer, I said yes, are you? He said he was a converted Jewish Rabbi. After Anita and I arrived at their home I looked at the trike but spent several hours talking about Jesus with him. We bought the bike and trailer without ever riding it. Not once have we regretted that purchase. We joined the GWRRA within the first few months just because of the roadside assistance and the help offered from its members. We have both enjoyed being a part of the GA Chapter A for four years.

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