Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Chapter A
McDonough, Georgia

Meet Our Couple of the Year for 2019
Bob & Karla Greer

Bob & Karla

We joined GWRRA in 2001 and within a year we became very active in Chapter A.  In 2003 we were the Chapter A Couple of the Year.  We proudly took on a title of ?Rally Bums? because we just loved to go to as many GWRRA rallies as we could.  We have held leadership positions in GA Chapter A, the GA District, the Southeast Region A and on the GWRRA International Team. 

One of my GWRRA friends told me to never quit participating with and having FUN with your local home Chapter while you serve in other GWRRA leadership positions because you?re local Chapter friends will always be there when your leadership positions are gone.  How wise these words of wisdom were.  So when we stepped down as the GWRRA International Directors for the Membership Enhancement Program in 2015 we immediately took on officer positions in GA ChA.  Karla has been the ChA Membership Enhancement Coordinator (MEC) for 3 years and I am currently the Motorist Awareness Program Coordinator, have served as Ride Coordinator a couple of times and was the unofficial Chapter Educator for 2-3 months just before that position disappeared.

What?s goes around, comes around.  So here we are, January 2019 and we are the GA ChA Couple of the Year once again.  Although quite surprised to be selected as your Couple of the Year again, we will enjoy it and do our best to make you proud.  We are already looking at our already busy travel calendar to make room for GA Chapter visitations and to attend as many rallies as we can.  We will keep you informed of our travel plans and hope you will join us.

On January 21, 2019 we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.  We have four adult children who are all married, ten grandchildren and one great grandson.

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