Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Chapter A
McDonough, Georgia

The Adventures of Alf

Because Alf is our chapter's mascot, we wanted to ensure that he gets as much riding and visiting in as the rest of our group.  So, to that end, we decided to select different member of Chapter A to have him spend time and travel.  

The member will be chosen at random at our monthly meetings.  They will host Alf for that entire next month and take him with them on various trips as they go about their daily lives.  

Alf shoud have several photo ops during his visits and we'll show them here.  This way Alf will get to meet many people and make new friends.  Below is a few of the places he's been so far.

(Newest photos are on top)


During Spring Break, A.L.F. went to visit his Chapter A uncle Nathan Ensley. Just to clarify, it was A.L.F.'s vacation but uncle Nathan still had to work each day. Nathan took A.L.F. to work at Scott Powerline in McDonough off of Hwy 155. Nathan is a Service Tech that repairs huge power equipment that is used in the Power & Utility industries, along with tree cutting companies. If that wasn't bad enough, uncle Nathan worked when he got home too, planting new things in the front flower beds. So A.L.F. got to play in the dirt and get nasty dirty...which required that he take a bubble bath with his Rubber Duckie. Then he was humiliated at Easter time by having to dress up as an Easter Bunny and serve rainbow-colored pancakes topped with whipped topping and Easter M&M's. Now THAT part was good! A.L.F. also had a fun time visiting with his relatives at a 2021 Family Reunion, shopping for new summer clothes, and learning to take selfies. All too soon, the visit has come to an end and A.L.F. is ready for the April meeting. Who will take him home this month? And where will he get to go? What will he learn? Will he FINALLY be able to go for a RIDE? many questions for our furry little Alien!!!

Hey, it's not cat, but Best Breakfast serves a pretty good breakfast.

"Hey Bonnie, check the water now!"

Alf took a ride up to Knoxville to help Bob & Bonnie get setup.

He's gotta be cool displaying his vaccine sticker.

Alf is getting his final COVID vaccine.

Alf has to get involved in coaching the girls team.

Spending qulaity time with the CD.

Alf's ready to ride to Alexander park in McDnouugh.

Ready for April

Taking a selfie

New clothes for summer.

Family reunion

Having a hot soak.

Scrubbing off the dirt.

Posing with posies.

Diggin for treasure.

Good smells...

Alf finds a new spaceship.

Alf wanted a ride in the wheelbarrow.

This is humiliating but Happy Easter anyways.

Easter breakfast YUM!!

Proud of a hard day's work at Scott Powerline.

WHOA that's high up there!

Just a fly splat on the windshield.

This is like checking T-CLOCK,

Learning how to drive a forklift.

Lots of parts to replace.

It takes a small guy to fit in here.

Is it lunch time YET!!!!

Nathan takes Alf to work at Scott Powerline.

A.L.F. says Happy Easter ya'll!  He is feeling ridiculous in his BUNNY SUIT but he did enjoy his rainbow pancakes with Easter M&M's.  Hope you have enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend with family & friends...and furry aliens, too!

Alf got his drive-in shot today so he'll be ready to spend time
with the next Chapter A member.

Helping Barb at school.

Alf's helping hand out the candy at school.

"Now I'm ready for St. Patty's Day"

"I gotta change clothes, help me get this shirt off."

Alf got caught sneaking a bite.

Alf samples a bite of Peg's dessert when she stepped away for a second.

He caught a ride to breakfast ride to Hunter's with Barb.

He's appears to have hit it off with Sugar Skull...

He's gotta watch that hard stuff.

Barb and Alf are visiting friends.

Barb is getting ready leave but she's got to grab Alf or
he'll end up staying the night.

Alf can'tseem to tear himself away from the food to play games.

"YUM,  Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread!!!"

There's nothing better than the food on Games night...

"Alright you guys, I'm here to win this game!"

Alf's getting some help from Barb figuring out which cards to play.

Ready for the Games - and, more importantly the FOOD!!!!!

The Elcair is almost ready.

Gotta taste the beaters to see if it's right...

Alf is getting the food ready for February Games Night

Alf is helping Barb with milk delivery at Eastlake Elementary.

He's assisting with lunch prep.

Got to check the inventory.

Gathering up the lunch items.

Getting tired, got to have a sip.

The nurse is giving him a bandaid for his booboo.

Alf's confused, which way to go???

Making some copies of the menu.

Alf meets Spike.  
At first he thought he was a cat, but he doesn't taste like cat.

Hanging out in the green house.

Not sure of gardening is his 'bag'...

He tried it, but I don't think he likes it.

Man, this is work.

I gotta take a breather.

Need to change the battery.

Oh crap!!!!  The red wire connects to the white wire that connects
to the blue wire....

Where's the oil plug?
I'm gonna need to nap on this one....zzzzzzzzzz

He really digs the Hot Rod Diner in Social Circle.

Alf's two favorite people.

Here he's belting out a tune with The King.

Eating lunch with Michael, Susan, Dick, Peg and Juanita at
Waldens Restauant in Covington.

He's a big fan of French Fries.

He also loves taking selfies with Juanita.

Alf loves eating.  
He's at Chicken Salad Chick in McDonough for lunch.

Alf's chilling on the ride home to Juanita's.

He's muggin' for another photo.

During his visit with Juanita, she invited Alf to have breakfast with us 
at Southern Cooking. He's been here many times before
as this was our chapter meeting spot for several years.

As usual, he's the center of attention for Games Night
at Juantia's new home.

Alf is spending time with Peg Hopkins.  They are eating
 breakfast over at Juanita Rackley's house.  Here he's enjoying
 some eggnogg waffles & bacon with Dick Hopkins.
(Hard to eat through the COVID mask, but he's a trooper.)

Sampling the Biker's Stew - YUM!!!

Alf with Peg Hopkins at our New Year's Day ride
(I think Peg is keeping him from drinking from his bottle again,
 last night he got a little tipsy)



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