Published April 10, 2020
Leadership Team

CD: Bonnie McCroskey

Treasurer: Phil Piotrowski

Ride Coord: Bob Greer

MEC: Karla Greer

Secretary: Beverly Ensley

Photographer: Nathan Ensley

Webmaster: Bob McCroskey

Event Coord: Nina Douglas

Charity Coord: Joyce Piotrowski

Sunshine Lady: Peg Hopkins

Couple of the Year:
Michael Tant & Susan Scott
CD's Corner
Bonnie McCroskey

Well, here we are with another month gone and we are still on LOCKDOWN. 

Not sure about everyone else but I will be be glad when we can get back to our normal lives and start visiting each other again. I know that I am ready to see everyone again.

Not much going on around here except trips to the grocery store.  It is very boring going from the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room.  Maybe a trip out to the garage or even the mail box, when I can beat Bob to the chance to go for a walk with the dog. 

I hope that everyone is staying in and being safe.  Hope to see everyone soon.

P.S. - Take a quick look at the masks delivered to Henry County Fire Dept.  Thanks to Joyce & Phil for their terrific efforts during the current crisis.  If you've made masks, please take a photo or two and let us know where you delivered your masks.
Upcoming Birthdays

Joe Lundell, Apr 3rd

Thomas Lane, Apr 17th

Brian Allen. May 3rd

Sharon Jenkins, May 16th

Upcoming Anniversaries

Bryan & Nina Douglas
April 9th

Phil & Joyce Piotrowski (50th)
April 19th

Kent & Marian Khuen
May 7th

Thoughts & Concerns
Peg Hopkins 

We have lost two members of our GWRRA family members this last month.  Chapter T lost Linda Fields and Chapter I-2 lost Debbie Vaughn.  Please remember Linda and Debbie's families and the Chapter family members in your prayers.
Becky Batt has been in and out of the hospital a couple of days last week with heart problems.  With the virus, Bernie was not able to be with her and she went through surgery without him, but he was in the parking lot for hours and hours.  She had a pacemaker placed and one of the probes was in the wrong place so back into surgery again and Bernie waiting in the car again.  But second surgery was successful, and Becky got to come home Friday and Bernie said they were doing fine.  Please keep them in your prayers.  Their address is 128 Foxcreek Drive, McDonough, GA  30252, so please put a card in the mail to Becky.  GET WELL SOON BECKY!!

Please keep our country in your prayers during this time of the COVID-19 virus.  It is hard on our whole nation.  Please follow the guidelines as much as you can.  Please check on one another during this time and when it is over, we will all get together and hug everyone.  Please call our loved one who are not able to get out and see if they need anything.  And most of all share your TP with your neighbors.  Stay safe, sane and healthy in the coming weeks.

Membership Enhancement
Karla Greer
Life Grand Master Tour Rider

I hope all of you are staying home as much as absolutely possible and staying healthy.  I know I have reached out to some of you by text, email or messenger just to say hi and check to see if all is well.  In turn several of you have said hi to me.  I really appreciate this at this time.  Not only do we want to stay physically well but this can be a very stressful time for many of us and we need to check on our GWRRA  family's mental health as well.  It could mean a lot to someone who is anxious or stressed just to know that someone is thinking about them.

What is everyone doing to stay busy?  I didn't leave my recliner for the first 10 days, no really!! Then I think it hit me that life must go on however different it may be at this time.  Bob and I have started walking in our neighborhood.  Of course we are still practicing social distancing.  It is so cool when someone walking towards me will walk into the street to be 6 feet away.  I hope they know that I appreciate this so much.  It means that they too are aware of the danger we could possibly pose to each other.  We are also doing things around the house that probably would not have gotten done.

I sure hate that all of our rides and events are being cancelled for the near future.  I know it is driving Bob G. and Bonnie crazy trying to keep up and to keep everyone informed.  I am so looking forward to when we can have a full ride/event calendar again.  I miss you guys!  We are going to have to work together to keep Chapter A alive and thriving after things settle down.  Please support the rides/events that your great Team plans to help bring us back together in the future and let's make this happen.

Keep in touch with each other...I miss you guys!
Motorist Awareness Info
Bob Greer
Life Grand Master Tour Rider

I am not putting much on our ride calendar this far ahead until we all find out where this Coronavirus is going to be at that time.  I am working closely with Bonnie McCroskey, Chapter Director, to try to ensure rides & events are either cancelled or continued at least 2 weeks in advance.

April is has been designated as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month by the National Safety Council.  Unfortunately, this year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic they have postponed this on event.  Here is their official statement.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the National Safety Council will postpone Distracted Driving Awareness Month, originally slated for April, to a yet-to-be-determined date later this year. Check back for an updated plan to mark the 10th anniversary of this important safety observance. Thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented global situation.

There is lots of really neat and cool stuff on their webpage <click here>

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and normally chapters would schedule several MAP events. Our national and state leaders have urged all of us to use “social distancing”  GWRRA Director, Jerre Goodman, has asked us to do the same.  He said going for a ride somewhere and returning home is good social distancing. He went on to say that stopping somewhere and having lunch together or even going into the same bathroom is not good social distancing. It would be very difficult to maintain social distancing while conducting an MAP event and/or display.  Please stay tuned for any updates and stay healthy.

May God bless each and every one of you & yours through these historic and unprecedented times.

One last thought – I want to especially thank all the healthcare workers, police and emergency responders as they put their own lives on the line each and every day when they go to work.

Ride Cooridinator Info
Bob Greer
Life Grand Master Tour Rider

Wow!  How the world has changed in the last month since I last wrote my March Ride Coordinator Notes.

I hope our GWRRA family and your families are all OK.  Karla & I are staying “hunkered down” here at our house and only going out to do the Kroger pick up for essential grocery items.

Please let Chapter A’s Sunshine Lady, Peg Hopkins, know if your or someone you know gets sick.  Here is Peg’s contact information:  Peg Hopkins – (404) 886-5995 -

Our Chapter Director, Bonnie McCroskey and I are talking at least weekly as we either cancel or continue Chapter A Rides & Events.  I have been marking all Rides & Events as CXL’d on the Ride Calendar at least two weeks prior to each event.

May God bless each and every one of you & yours through these historic and unprecedented times.

PS – One last thought – I want to especially thank all the healthcare workers, police and emergency responders as they put their own lives on the line each and every day when they go to work.

If anyone has any items for sale, please send pictures, info and the sale price to Bob McCroskey.  We'll get them listed on the web.


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