Published August 10, 2020
Leadership Team

CD: Bonnie McCroskey

Treasurer: Phil Piotrowski

Ride Coord: Bob Greer

MEC: Karla Greer

Secretary: Beverly Ensley

Photographer: Nathan Ensley

Webmaster: Bob McCroskey

Event Coord: Nina Douglas

Charity Coord: Joyce Piotrowski

Sunshine Lady: Peg Hopkins

Couple of the Year:
Michael Tant & Susan Scott
CD's Corner
Bonnie McCroskey

Well here we are with over half of the year gone and we are just now trying to get back to our normal activities.  We have already had a breakfast ride on August 1 to The Lunch Box in Jackson and they did a short ride afterwards to enjoy some sights and have some ice cream.  We had a new member join us and would like to welcome him to the group.  His name is Dale Farmer and we hope to see him at the monthly gathering on August 15 at Sakura Hibachi Grill and Buffet.
We enjoyed the monthly Game night at the Greer's house in July. There were approximately 10 people in attendance.  A good time and lots of fellowship and some really good food.

I for one am looking forward to getting back to our normal Chapter life very soon.  Hope to see everyone as soon as you feel comfortable to getting out and about.  Hope you have a great month and we will see you very soon.

Upcoming Birthdays

Larry Appleby, Aug 1st

Kent Khuen, Aug 7th

Nina Douglas, Aug 10th

Michael Tant, Aug 27th

Bonnie McCroskey, Sep 1st

Ken Goode, Sep, 9th

Mark Wall, Sep 23rd

Wesley Johnson, Sep 30th

Upcoming Anniversaries

Clifford & Lawana Burrell,
August 7th

Elijah & Julia Fryer,
August 10th

Bob & Jo Hickly
August 11th

Wesley & Reeda Johnson,
August 31st

Bob and Shelia Olander
September 19th

Thoughts & Concerns
Peg Hopkins 

Continue to send prayers to Anita Maynard as she gets her strength and health back from her illness.  Who knew that a little tick could cause so much trouble?  Please check yourself and your children and grandchildren often for these little monsters.  Anita was finally diagnosed with Lime Disease from this little monster.  Hope to see you soon, Anita.

Please continue to check on everyone because some are still shut-in from the covid virus.  And again, let me know if you are sick, in the hospital or just need us please call someone.  Stay safe and hope to see everyone soon!

Membership Enhancement
Karla Greer

There are no additional Member Enhancement notes for August.
Motorist Awareness Info
Bob Greer
Life Grand Master Tour Rider

This Covid-19 has kept ChA from having group MAP activities this year but you can still do individual MAP Gold Award qualifying activities on your own.  See list of qualifiers below.  You need 5 before the GA District Ride-In for your 2020 MAP Gold Award. Some of you already have 3: 1) Henry Night Out; 2) McDonough Christmas Parade; 3) I-75 Safe/Coffee Break.

1.  Presentations to students of public or private schools or universities.
2.  Presentations to members of community organizations, both civic and religious. (one event  per  organization counted per calendar year)
3.  Presentation to Driving Schools.
4.  Presentation to AAA or AARP driver classes.
5.  Presentation or MAP exhibit at Company Safety Days(one event per company per year)
6.  Presentation or MAP exhibit at Community Safety Days(one event  per  community per year)
7.  Presentation or MAP exhibit at the National Night Out.
8.  Presentation or MAP exhibit at a community festival or fair.
9.  Presentation or  MAP exhibit at Motorcycle Awareness Month  activities.
10.  Presentation or MAP exhibit at local Malls.
11.  MAP exhibit at highway rest stops.
12.  Presentation or MAP exhibit at Community or Company Bike Nights. (one event per community or company per year)
13.  Presentation to Boys and Girls clubs, and Boy and Girl Scouts.
14.  Presentation or MAP exhibit at Bike or Car shows.

Ride Cooridinator Info
Bob Greer
Life Grand Master Tour Rider

Come join ChA for a ride, event or meal.  We've started most of our regular monthly activities. August 15th will be our first month back to Sakura for our regular monthly Eat & Meet.  

More dining places are starting to open up for "Dine In" but I'd still appreciate everyone's help on finding places to have breakfasts & dinners. Give me a call or email me any places you find.

I'll keep you updated on what's happening with my "Week Ahead" e-mails.  Plus all ChA's Rides & Events are posted on the ChA webpage.

We need 1 more host for our 2020 ChA Game nights. Dick & Peg are doing August.  Phil & Joyce are doing September.  Still need someone for October 31st. No Game nights in Nov. & Dec.

Hope to see you soon.

If anyone has any items for sale, please send pictures, info and the sale price to Bob McCroskey.  We'll get them listed on the web.


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