Published January 13, 2020
Leadership Team

CD: Bonnie McCroskey

Treasurer: Phil Piotrowski

Ride Coord: Bob Greer

MEC: Karla Greer

Secretary: Beverly Ensley

Photographer: Nathan Ensley

Webmaster: Bob McCroskey

Event Coord: Nina Douglas

Charity Coord: Joyce Piotrowski

Sunshine Lady: Peg Hopkins

Couple of the Year:
Michael Tant & Susan Scott
CD's Corner
Bonnie McCroskey

For those that were not able to attend our yearly Christmas Gathering you missed a great time of fellowship and also some really tasty dishes brought by fellow members.  You were truly missed by all.  We certainly hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year Celebration.

Bob Greer has planned plenty of terrific rides this year.  We hope you will be able to join in the fun and friendship for some these rides as the year progresses.

Our first monthly gathering will be held an hour earlier than normal due to a scheduling conflict on my part.  There will be a lot of information to be shared so I hope you will be able to attend the gathering on January 18, at 4:00 to eat and meet at 5:00.  I am looking forward to an exciting year so please come join us.

Your new Chapter A Director


Special Notes

Our January Meeting
is being held 1 hour eariler

Upcoming Birthdays

Bernie Batt, Jan 5th
Jacqueline Lane, Jan 6th
Bob Olander, Jan 16th
Nathan Ensley, Jan 17th
Robert Muller, Jan 17th
Peg Hopkins, Jan 18th
Shelia Olander, Jan 30th
Bob Greer, Jan 30th
Becky Batt, Feb 8th
Lisa Wall, Feb 28th

Upcoming Anniversaries

Thomas & Jackie Lane
Jan 18th

Mark & Lisa Wall
Jan 20th

Bob and Karla Greer
Jan 21st

Michael & Carol Mondie
Jan 30th

Ken & Anita Maynard
Feb 24th

Membership Enhancement
Karla Greer

Happy New Year

Has anyone else written 2019 instead of 2020?  I have.  I am having trouble thinking "another year has come and gone".  But it is 2020 and I hope it will be a great year for all who are reading this.

As Georgia Chapter A's Membership Enhancement Coordinator, it is part of my job to make sure that everyone is having FUN.  We already have a few fun activities going on in the Chapter, i.e.,  Blue Spoon Rides and Wingin for the Wad.  I would like to hear from you if you have any ideas or thoughts on how we can put more FUN into our Chapter Gatherings, rides or events.  This is your Chapter and we want you to have FUN and remain active.

We have made one small change in the Wingin For the Wad activity.  This is a ride incentive activity.  If anyone who participates with Chapter A and attends a Ride/Event they will have the opportunity to buy one ticket for $1.00.  If they wear a blue Chapter Shirt or anything representing GWRRA to show their Association spirit, they will have the opportunity to buy one more ticket for $1.00.  These monies will be given away at the following Chapter A Monthly Gathering. This year we will be keeping 25% of the money collected for the Chapter treasury and the remaining 75% will be divided and given away in two drawings to two participants that purchased the tickets during the previous month. This is your opportunity to help keep the funds needed for our Chapter operations available and at the same time, have a chance to win a "wad".

Our Blue Spoon activity will also be continuing this year.  Anyone can call for a Blue Spoon ride after a ride or activity.  It is just a fun way (and an excuse) to eat more ice cream.  What can say FUN better than eating ice cream with a Blue Spoon?

Remember...send me your ideas for adding more FUN to our rides, Gatherings or events.


Motorist Awareness Info
Bob Greer

Happy New Year

- Motorist Awareness Program (MAP) Gold Award has not changed. You need to participate in 5 MAP Events between 2019 GA District Ride-In (September 21, 2019)and the 2020 GA District Ride-In (October 10, 2020).

   - Henry Night Out Counted as 1 MAP Event
   - McDonough Christmas Parade Counted as 1 MAP Event

- April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month
   - GA is a “Hands Free” state

- Several Events will be scheduled for May 2020
   - May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
   - May 9th is GWRRA Motorcycle Awareness Month

- Call me if you find out about and want ChA to participate in a local event

Ride Cooridinator Info
Bob Greer

Happy New Year

- ChA is now using Google Calendar for our Rides & Events. Instructions for putting Google Calendar on your Android or Apple devices can be found on the ChA Webpage/Rides & Events page.

- Dinner Rides will be at 6PM on Tuesdays this year.

- Last day to guarantee a room for the 18th Annual ChA Spring Ride is February 15, 2020. Contact Bob Greer for details.

- Call me if you find out about and want ChA to participate in a local event.

Bob Greer

Retirees Attention:

Change in Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) law effective 01/01/2020

The U.S. Congress passed a law called the SECURE Act which became effective 01/01/2020. This link will take you to the Charles Schwab website that tells you about this SECURE Act.

In short, if you turn 70 ½ years old after 12/31/2019, you are no longer required to take your RMD from your IRA at age 70½. This mandatory RMD is now at age 72.  If you turn 70½ in 2019, this new law does not apply to you.


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