Published March 10, 2020
Leadership Team

CD: Bonnie McCroskey

Treasurer: Phil Piotrowski

Ride Coord: Bob Greer

MEC: Karla Greer

Secretary: Beverly Ensley

Photographer: Nathan Ensley

Webmaster: Bob McCroskey

Event Coord: Nina Douglas

Charity Coord: Joyce Piotrowski

Sunshine Lady: Peg Hopkins

Couple of the Year:
Michael Tant & Susan Scott
CD's Corner
Bonnie McCroskey

Well here we are and another month has slipped away.  It seems the older I get the faster they go by.  We have had an exciting time in the last several weeks.  A few of us went on the Wingers-N-Waves cruise.  If you have not been on one of these, you should really try to go on the next one.  It was a great cruise and lots of fun with fellow wingers and a lot of interesting ports to visit.

After returning we successfully completed the Bike Week Safety Break on I-75 rest area down in Forsyth. We had a good time visiting with some of our members as well as other bikers and many visitors from as far away as Ontario, Canada.  Next was the Dinner Social at Castillo Real in McDonough, great food and lots of camaraderie.

Our next gathering will be the Travelers Plaque give away on March 21 at 1:30 pm.  You can come and have lunch with us or just come later for our regular monthly gathering at the normal time.  Hope to see everyone at one of our gatherings.

Upcoming Birthdays

Darryl Rapp, Mar 9th

Phil Piotrowski, Mar 15th

Juanita Rackley, Mar 15th

Donald Cooper, Mar 20th

Joe Lundell, Apr 3rd

Thomas Lane, Apr 17th

Upcoming Anniversaries

Donald & Darlene Cooper
Mar 18th

Bryan & Nina Douglas
Apr 9th

Phil & Joyce Piotrowski
Apr 19th

Thoughts & Concerns
Peg Hopkins 

Let's continue to remember Juanita in our thoughts and prayers.  She now has a new member in her family, little Brock Bence Rackley.  Let her tell you about him and show you all his amazing pictures.

Continue to remember our sick family members.  And as also continue to pray for our country.  Have a great month.

Membership Enhancement
Karla Greer
Life Grand Master Tour Rider

We have recently returned from the 6th Annual Wingers n' Waves Cruise along with several other chapter members.  It was great to spend some quality time with chapter friends.  I wish everyone could have gone with us. Please check out the pictures that have been downloaded to the web page to see all the beautiful scenery and FUN...not to mention our smiling faces.

Bob and I have had several zoom calls as we prepare to go through the selection for International Southeast Territory Couple of the Year.  Our last interview will be sometime the first week of April.  Wish us luck as we represent Chapter A and the Georgia District.

We are off to the Louisiana Rally March 26-28.  It will be our first time at this rally and we are really looking forward to it. We have always heard that it is a great FUN rally. We also plan to go to the Tennessee rally April 30-May 2.  We would love for anyone to join us.  Check your calendars and let us know.

Motorist Awareness Info
Bob Greer
Life Grand Master Tour Rider

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.  Stay tuned for all the Chapter A Motorist Awareness Events that will be held.

May 9th is GWRRA Motorcycle Awareness Day.  GWRRA has designated this day for every single GWRRA Chapter to do something for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and the Motorist Awareness Program (MAP).  I promise that I will get something planned for this day and let you know soon.  Please put the date on your calendar now.

Ride Cooridinator Info
Bob Greer
Life Grand Master Tour Rider

I have forgotten all the benefits of visiting other GWRRA Chapters since I haven't done much visitation over the past few years.  I have been going to GA ChQ's (Warner Robins) meetings for the last couple of months.  Someone said that their Chapter had a monthly "Picnic In The Park" ride. I love that idea.  I ran it by Bonnie and she gave me the goathead, I mean go ahead.  I want to start this off slowly and see how it goes so we will try a “Picnic In The Park” a couple of times this year and maybe do more next year.

The lesson learned from this is twofold.  If we don’t do new and FUN things, our attendance and ride numbers seem to decrease.  And, we can learn so much from other GWRRA Chapters and members by visiting them, listening, and trying some of their ideas.

We had a discusion last month about a local motorcycle towing service. Christi & Clyde Benefield operate Cycle Worthy Towing. They are very good and will tell you how quickly they can get to you. Barb Thayer recommends them highly. Call 678-857-8611

Their web site has been newly listed in our "Web Links" page, so you can always find them.

If anyone has any items for sale, please send pictures, info and the sale price to Bob McCroskey.  We'll get them listed on the web.


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