Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Chapter A
McDonough, Georgia

It's very simple to upload photos to the Yogile site, follow the below directions.


If you want, you can email photos instead of uploading them.  
Just email to the address on the right, put the password in the subject line. 


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Jan Tuesday Dinner Ride

Jan Saturday Breakfast Ride

Chilly Willy

January Meeting

Feb Saturday Dinner Ride

Feb Tuesday Dinner Ride

Feb Saturday Breakfast Ride

Feb Meeting

Feb Sweetheart Poker Run

Mar Tuesday Dinner Ride

Mar Bike Week Safety Break

Mar Meeting

Mar 40 to Phoenix

Apr Saturday Dinner Ride

Apr Saturday Breakfast Ride

Apr Tuesday Dinner Ride

Apr Meeting

Apr Spring Ride

May Tuesday Dinner Ride

May Saturday Breakfast Ride

May Meeting

Jun Saturday Dinner Ride

Jun Saturday Breakfast Ride

Jun Tuesday Dinner Ride

Jun Meeting

Jun District Rally

Jul Saturday Breakfast Ride

Jul Tuesday Dinner Ride

Jul Meeting

Aug Saturday Dinner Ride

Aug Saturday Breakfast Ride

Aug Tuesday Dinner Ride

Aug Meeting

Sep Saturday Breakfast Ride

Sep Tuesday Dinner Ride

Sep Meeting

Oct Tuesday Dinner Ride

Oct Saturday Breakfast Ride

Oct Saturday Dinner Ride

Oct Meeting

Nov Saturday Breakfast Ride

Nov Tuesday Dinner Ride

Nov Meeting

Dec Saturday Breakfast Ride

Dec Tuesday Dinner Ride

Dec Christmas Party

2018 - New Year's Day Ride

Unlisted Ride or Event




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